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What Happened in 1980

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What Happened in 1980

Digital Download  $4.99


PDF File Size: 1 MB | 8 pages | 24 cards

PDF (Adobe) - Before purchasing and/or downloading, be sure that you have an application to open this file type.

What Happened in 1980 Trivia can be used for:

Family/School Reunion
Theme Parties

Each card contains large print so that the words are easy to read. Just print on card stock, laminate, and cut to start the fun.

To Play: Shuffle the cards, draw one card and ask the trivia question. One person or a group of people can give an answer.

Hint: Keep in mind what year it is when answering each trivia question.

Example Questions/Answers:

What movie made the candy bar in the pool popular? Caddyshack

What colorful puzzle cube debuted at a toy fair? Rubik’s Cube

What square, yellow adhesive notepad was invented? Post-It Notes


24 Trivia Cards

Answer Key

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