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Welcome to Thematic Living

We provide meaningful games and activities for individuals with varying capabilities. We also provide resources for Directors, Therapists, and Caregivers. Most products for sale are available in a digital download format (PDF or PowerPoint) and will be received immediately after purchase. No need to wait, track shipments, or ensure your package will arrive without any broken pieces. Purchase today and use it today.

Activities for Seniors

We have designed the shopping experience of our store to make it easier for Directors, Therapists, and Caregivers to find the activities needed to fit each individual person and their specific needs.

You can choose to shop by: Domain, Category, Browsing the entire Store, or by Viewing "What's New".

Activity Management & Forms: The resources listed were created to help efficiently manage Activity Sessions.

Arts & Crafts - Gifts under $10: Our assortment of Arts & Crafts can be easily adapted and our wonderful gifts under $10 are sure to please.

Beauty & Barber Services: Gift Certificates and Appointment Planners are a couple of the many resources available for the Beautician/Barber of your facility.

Bulletin Board Ideas: Bulletin Boards are a popular problem among Directors. Sometimes it can be difficult to remain creative throughout the year. Find many creative ideas here.

Calendars & Newsletters: Our collection of calendars come in handy when planning out activities for the month. Newsletters are important to distribute in order to keep others informed of what's happening.

Curriculum: These ready-made resources will assist in easily planning activities to keep seniors busy for weeks at a time.

Decorations & Keepsakes: For birthday parties or other special events.

Dementia & Memory Loss Activities: These resources can be modified to be used with individuals suffering from mild to moderate stages of dementia; memory loss due to injury, surgery, etc.; in need of reminiscing moments; or currently going through therapy.

Domains: Search for resources that fit into one of the six main domains of holistic wellness - Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, or Spiritual; also known as the "Spices" of life.

Employment: From interview questions to resume building, these resources assist with the many chains of employment.

Family Engagement: Keep loved ones and visitors involved with these interactive resources.

Fundraising: Need to raise money for your program? Use these resource to help you reach your goal.

Games & Activities: Use the variety of game and activity resources to plan your daily/weekly activities.

Group Size: Search for resources made to be used independently, with a partner, in a small group, or as a whole group.

Holidays, Seasons, & Themes: Search our large selection of resources by holiday, season, or theme.

Intergenerational Activities: These resources are for creating a connection across generations; schools, child care centers, scout troops, etc.

Men's Activities: It can be difficult to come up with activities specifically for men. Use these resources to make it easier.

Prices: Search for resources within varying price ranges - Free, $0-$5, $5-$10, $10 and up.

Professional Development: Use these resources to add inspiration to In-Service Sessions and to help build a sufficient, professional atmosphere.

Quality Improvement: Testing the systems you have in place before a surveyor comes in allows you to rest in knowing there will be no findings in your department.

Q & A - Questions and Answers: This is where you can ask any question that you feel needs an answer.

Senses: Search through resources in one of five sensory categories - Vision Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Smell, Taste, or Touch.

Shopping Guide: Don't have time to browse the entire store right now? Download this Complete Shopper's Guide that includes all products that are currently offered.