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Southern Charm Bingo

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Southern Charm Bingo


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Southern Charm Bingo can be used in many ways, including:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Organizations
  • Parties
  • Schools
  • Seniors 

Celebrate Everything Southern with this charming, unique laminated, bingo game, printed on white card stock for maximum visibility.

This bingo game was created to add variety to the average number calling bingo game.

This resource includes:
Instructions on how to get started
25 Different Bingo Cards
30 Different Southern Charm Items – Calling Cards
1 Master List

Size: Bingo Cards are 8.5in x 11in; Calling Cards are 2 1/3in H x 4in L.

How to Play: Players will take at least (1) card per person. As each Item is called, participants find the Item on their card and mark it.

The first person to reach bingo wins the game.

You can use bingo chips, pennies, or other items to mark the cards. *Use a dry erase marker instead of bingo chips for easy, mess free clean up.

You can play many different types of bingo, such as: postage stamp, layered cake, railroad tracks, picture frame, cross, X, around the free space, checker board, four corners, blackout, etc.

Tip: Copy the calling card sheets and place them at each table to help participants view what to look for on their bingo card.

Activity Extension:

Create several Southern Dishes to Taste Test
Host a Garden Dinner Party
Throw a Southern Themed Tea Party

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