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National Holidays in September

September 1

No Rhyme (nor Reason) Day

Jump in a puddle or swing from the monkey bars. Finish these nursery rhymes for no reason to celebrate.

Finish the Nursery Rhyme #2


September 2

Labor Day

Name these jobs in celebration of today's holiday honoring the labor movement of America. 

Name the Job


September 3

Telephone Tuesday

Communication by telephone has exploded in the last 100 years. Review these vintage photos in celebration.

POW! - Vintage Edition


September 4

Wildlife Day

Today is dedicated to raising public awareness about endangered species. Play this game to celebrate.

Baby Animals Trivia


September 5

Day of Charity

Charity can be received through gifts, money, or time. Give your time to a charity today and offer helping hands.

Handy Helpers


September 6

Read a Book Day

Do you know a bookworm? Celebrate today with your favorite book, a quiet place, and this word building activity.

Word Building


September 7

Acorn Squash Day

This veggie gets its name from its shape, an acorn. Celebrate today with this Name the Vegetable game.

Name the Vegetable


September 8

Iguana Awareness Day

Celebrate all reptiles today: snakes, iguanas, alligators, turtles, etc. How many can you name?

POW! - Animal Edition


September 9

Wiener Schnitzel Day

In celebration of this Australian delicacy of veal, dipped in eggs and fried. Enjoy a special meal today.

Special Meal Ticket


September 10

TV Dinner Day

The TV Dinner was created due to a surplus of Thanksgiving turkeys. Name these kitchen items in celebration.

Name the Kitchen Item


September 11

Make Your Bed Day

Don't forget to give yourself a fresh start and make your bed today. What else can you remember?

Memory Tray A-Z


September 12

Day of Encouragement

Encourage others to overcome their fears today: spiders, heights, etc. What other phobias can you guess?

Guess the Phobia


September 13

Stand Up to Cancer Day

Show cancer who's boss and alleviate chemo brain today with this playing card sorting activity.

Sorting Playing Cards


September 14

Virginia Day

Virginia is one of the original 13 colonies and the home of the Pentagon. What other states can you name?

Syllable Scramble - State Edition


September 15

Double Cheeseburger Day

Grilling cheeseburgers and hot dogs are a great camping memory. Play this game to reminisce today.

Camping Bingo

Check It Out

September 16

Tattoo Story Day

Every tattoo has a story. Tell yours and read these stories to create a sensory experience around familiar settings.

Sensory Stories


September 17

Goat Day

This game of 24 animals will help show your appreciation for today. How many animals do you recognize?

More Random Animal Cards


September 18

Ceiling Fan Day

Using a ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner can help save energy today. Describe a helpful use for these items.

Random Objects


September 19

Talk Like a Pirate Day like a pirate, board your ship, and go on a scavenger hunt today to find the treasure. 

Holiday Hunt


September 20

Punch Day

Make ice cold punch today and do a good deed. Fill up your punch card to redeem it for a prize.

Thematic Punch Cards


September 21

Alzheimer's Day

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Keep your mind sharp today with this game.

Penny Ante - Volume II


September 22

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Bright pink lipstick makes an undeniable statement. Use what you have in your purse to win today.

Purse 2 Penny Ante Questions 


September 23

Restless Leg Awareness Day

As prickly as needles. Raise awareness about this medical condition today. What other similes can you think of?

Simile Game


September 24

Punctuation Day

Celebrate the comma, question mark, and semi-colon today. Spot the mistake in these misspelled words. 

Common Misspelled Words


September 25

Comic Book Day

What Marvel comic book hero uses a hammer and the strength of thunder? Answer: Thor. Survey Says...

Survey Says


September 26

Johnny Appleseed Day

Celebrate the man responsible for planting apple trees across the nation. What other fruits can you name?

Name the Fruit 


September 27

Maritime Day

What powers the world's largest economy? Remember this maritime tragedy in recognition of today.

The "Unsinkable" Titanic


September 28

Right to Know Day

Having access to information is a human right. Give the right to know when answering these questions.

Never Have I Ever 


September 29

Heart Day

Raise awareness today to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Name other vital organs in this game.

Name the Organ


September 30

Hunt for Ghosts Day

Use a haunted house to hunt ghosts today. If you make it out unscathed, celebrate with this badge.

I Survived the Haunted House!