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National Holidays in October

October 1

Fire Pup Day

Name the Job


October 2

Farm Animals Day

Baby Animals Trivia


October 3

Balloons Around the World Day

Themed Picture Book -
Hot Air Balloons


October 4

Walk to School Day

School Bingo

October 5

Manufacturing Day

Decades Trivia Cards


October 6

Mad Hatter Day

Holiday Conversation Starters


October 7

Card Making Day

Welcome Cards


October 8

Octopus Day

Beach Trivia Cards


October 9

Pet Obesity Day

Puppy Dog Bingo

Check It Out

October 10

Bullying Prevention Day

Bully Free Zone


October 11

Day of the Girl

Purse Penny Ante Questions 


October 12

Vermont Day

Syllable Scramble - State Edition


October 13

Costume Swap Day

Costume Contest Certificates


October 14

Dessert Day

Cheesecake Walk


October 15

Cake Decorating Day

Cake Walk


October 16

Dictionary Day

Common Misspelled Words


October 17

Playing Card Collectors Day

Sorting Playing Cards


October 18

Chocolate Cupcake Day

Cupcake Walk


October 19

Sweetest Day

Candy Grams


October 20

Bridge Day

Themed Picture Book - Bridges


October 21

Reptile Awareness Day

Animal Bingo

October 22

Lung Health Day

Name the Organ


October 23

Croc Day

POW! - Animal Edition


October 24

Bologna Day

Random Foods


October 25

Greasy Foods Day

Carnival Fair Bingo

Add to Cart

October 26

Pumpkin Day

Name the Vegetable


October 27

Black Cat Day

Good Luck Bad Luck


October 28

First Responders Day

I Survived the Haunted House!


October 29

Hermit Day

Would You Rather?


October 30

Candy Corn Day

Name 10


October 31


Halloween Dance Moves