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National Holidays in February

February 1

Canada Day

Celebrate today by proving how much you know about Canadian Things.

Canadian Things


February 2

World UFO Day

Explore Space Trivia about orbits, axis, planets and more.

Space Trivia Cards


February 3

Compliment Your Mirror Day

Looking good! Identify mirrors and other Random Objects in this activity.

More Random Object Cards


February 4

Independence Day

Today is about more than fireworks, picnics, and parades. 

Syllable Scramble - State Edition


February 5

Work Without Hands Day

Give someone a break and help out where you can by cleaning up or decorating.

Handy Helpers


February 6

Cherry Pit Spitting Day

How far can you spit a cherry pit? How many other fruits can you name?

Name the Fruit 


February 7

Tell the Truth Day

Tell the truth today and admit if you have ever or never have you ever...

Never Have I Ever 


February 8

Coca Cola Day

Coca Cola is a classic. Go down memory lane with trivia through the Decades.

Decades Trivia Cards


February 9

Cow Appreciation Day

Forgo the burger today and browse through these Photos of the Week in appreciation.

Photo of the Week


February 10

National Kitten Day

Kittens are baby animals. How many more can you name?

Baby Animals Trivia


February 11

Make Your Own Sundae Day

Have a sundae and explore these inventions and inventors, including the maker of the ice cream scoop.

Name the Invention


February 12

Bald Is In Day

Some people fear heights and spiders, others fear losing their hair. Show bald who's boss and Guess the Phobia.

Guess the Phobia


February 13

French Fry Day

As salty as a French Fry. Think of more Similes using these trivia cards.

Simile Game


February 14

Shark Awareness Day

Even the best swimmer should be aware of sharks. Complete this beach trivia for other animals to be aware of.

Beach Trivia Cards

Beach Trivia Cards$4.99

February 15

Pet Fire Safety Day

Do you know a pet displaced by a fire? Use this giving tree activity to collect donations and fire safety supplies.

Pet Angel Tree Gift Tags


February 16

Hot Dog Night

Hot Dogs are one thing you may see at a baseball game. Choose a topic and name items in that category.

Category Cards - 3rd Edition


February 17

Take Your Poet to Work Day

Explore your poetic side with these quotes from famous poets.

Quote of the Week - Poet Edition


February 18

Sour Candy Day

Give sweet or sour candy using these Candy Grams for any occasion. 

Candy Grams


February 19

Robin Hood Day

Name 10 Disney films: Robin Hood, Cinderella, Aladdin, Moana, Lion King, Peter Pan... How many can you name?

Name 10


February 20

Cake Day

Have your favorite slice of cake today. Host a cake walk using this activity.

Cake Walk


February 21

Be Someone Day

Who did you want to be when you grew up? Celebrate today by Naming the Job.

Name the Job


February 22

Rat Catcher's Day

Would your rather be a rat or a skunk catcher? Determine what else you would rather do with these cards.

Would You Rather?


February 23

Hot Enough for You Day

Sometimes it's tough being in the hot seat or under pressure. How many answers can you give in one minute?

Survey Says


February 24

Drive-Thru Day

Have you ever driven up to the drive-thru and completely forgot your order? Use this activity to test your memory.

Memory Tray A-Z


February 25

Threading the Needle Day

Having a sewing kit or a movie ticket stub in your purse will earn you a point when playing this game.

Purse 2 Penny Ante Questions 


February 26

Bagelfest Day

Grab some bagels and pancakes when completing this Trivia game.

Lent Trivia


February 27

Dance Day

Show off your dance moves like the zombie even if it isn't Halloween.

Halloween Dance Moves


February 28

Swimsuits, sunscreen, sunglasses and floaties are things that you may see during a water park scavenger hunt. 

Water Park Day

Nature Scavenger Hunt


February 29

What shade of lipstick is in your purse? Play purse penny ante to win based on the kind of items in your purse.

Lipstick Day

Purse Penny Ante Questions