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National Holidays in August

August 1

World Lung Cancer Day

Lungs are a vital organ the body needs to function properly. How many other organs can you name?

Name the Organ


August 2

Penny Ante Day

This game will have you either take a penny or give a penny based on your answer to each card.

Penny Ante - Volume I


August 3

Sandcastle Day

Celebrate today with a sandcastle contest at the beach. What are some other things you may see at the beach?

Beach Trivia Cards


August 4

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

How many ice cream flavors can you name in under one minute? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough...

Category Cards


August 5

Heritage Day in Alberta

Celebrate the cultural and historical heritage of the province known as Alberta today with this trivia game.

Canadian People


August 6

Root Beer Float Day

Root Beer floats are a classic drink that reminds many of the good old days. Have a conversation today to celebrate.

Conversation Starters


August 7

Lighthouse Day

Lighthouses are navigation aids and beautiful structures. View these beautiful landscapes in celebration.

Themed Picture Book - Landscapes


August 8

Sneak Some Zucchini Day

Sneak your neighbor some zucchini today and celebrate with this themed vegetable game.

Name the Vegetable


August 9

Book Lovers Day 

Imagine reading a book that was not spell checked before going to press. Use this game to stay sharp.

Common Misspelled Words


August 10

S'mores Day

Have some more s'mores today and complete this Camping Bingo game.

Camping Bingo

Check It Out

August 11

Presidential Joke Day

Presidential humor started this holiday full of laughs. Identify each president in this game using the clues on each card.

Unites States President Trivia


August 12

Vinyl Record Day

At the height of his career, Don Shirley, played 90 concerts per year. Listen to your favorite record today to celebrate.

Black History Heroes Bingo

Check It Out

August 13

Left Handers Day

Only 10 percent of the population is left-handed. Lend a helping hand today with this handy helpers activity.

Handy Helpers


August 14

Financial Awareness Day

Financial awareness is just one step closer to financial independence. Reward yourself for your diligence. 

Reward Coupons


August 15

Chant at the Moon Day

This event was inspired by a late season cherry grown near the moon. How many other fruits can you name?

Name the Fruit 


August 16

Roller Coaster Day

Would you rather ride a roller coaster or a water slide? What else would you rather do? Play this game to find out.

Would You Rather?


August 17

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats are closely tied to many superstitions, but they are just as sweet as an other cat. Celebrate today.

Good Luck Bad Luck


August 18

Bad Poetry Day

Practice makes perfect. Write your own poetry today in celebration.

Quote of the Week - Poet Edition


August 19

Cupcake Day

Make your favorite cupcakes today, complete with frosting and give them out as prizes after playing this game.

Cupcake Walk


August 20

Lemonade Day

Sugar, water, and fresh squeezed lemons make for a refreshing lemonade on any hot day.

Carnival Fair Bingo

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August 21

Ninoy Aquino Day

Ninoy Aquino was seen as a hero of democracy in the Phillipines. Celebrate today with this American hero.

Martin Luther King Jr Trivia


August 22

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Veterinarians make it possible to keep our pets healthy. Find out about other important jobs in this activity.

Name the Job


August 23

Cheap Flight Day

If you could catch a cheap flight to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Can you name 10 places?

Name 10


August 24

Bat Night

This night is in honor of raising public awareness about threatened bat populations. Can you dance like a bat?

Halloween Dance Moves


August 25

Banana Split Day

Hot fudge is always a delight in my banana split. Learn more about the inventor of ice cream today.

Name the Invention


August 26

Dog Day

The dog days of summer are in full swing. Celebrate today with over 50 different, fun-loving dog breeds.

Puppy Dog Bingo

Check It Out

August 27

Just Because Day

Today is about doing things without any rhyme or reason. Finish these nursery rhymes, just because.

Finish the Nursery Rhyme


August 28

Dogs are often viewed as family. Reminisce about those that we lost today and the good memories we had.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Themed Picture Book - Bridges


August 29

Chop Suey is made using meat, eggs, and vegetables. Celebrate today by identifying these random foods.

Chop Suey Day

Random Foods


August 30

Bullying can cause grief through a loss of a close friend or hurt feelings. Bring awareness to grief today.

Grief Awareness Day

Bully Free Zone


August 31

Show your neighbors a little southern hospitality today. Celebrate with a sweet tea and unscramble these states.

South Carolina Day

Syllable Scramble - State Edition