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Meal Time Conversation Starters

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Meal Time Conversation Starters

Domains:  Social, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional

Category: Games & Activities, Family Engagement, Intergenerational, Men's Activities

PDF File Size: 2.01MB |  8 pages | 40 cards

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Conversation Starters - Discussions - Table Topics - Meal Time - Reminisce

Conversation starters can be used in many different settings with many different people. Here are a few examples how, where, when, and who “Meal Time Conversation Starters” can be used:

  • Introduction/Welcome activity
  • Ice Breakers
  • Coffee and Conversation Sessions
  • Team Building
  • Intergenerational activity
  • Independent activity or 1:1
  • Large/Small groups
  • For visitors to use when visiting a loved one

Print out each sheet of “Meal Time Conversation Starter” questions and cut into individual cards. You can choose to print (5) copies of the background sheet to attach to each question card (before laminating) in order to prevent the cards from being see-through. Another option that you have if you choose not to use the background sheet is to print the cards on card stock (you can laminate the card stock cards for longer durability if you so choose). This is a great activity to use during a free moment or while having coffee and you are in need of light conversations.

Try posing one question a day for at least two people to discuss before, during, or after meal time. You can use one question for everyone or one question card per group. Conversation is the most fruitful and natural exercise for the mind.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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