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May Senior Activities Week Three (Days 15-21)

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May 15

National Chocolate Chip Day – In 1937, Ruth Graves Wakefield was curious as to what chunks of Nestle’ s semi-sweet chocolate would taste like in a cookie recipe and the chocolate chip cookie was born. Though the chocolate chip cookie may be a very popular cookie by today’s standards, there are many variations of cookies that are loved around the world. Celebrate today with a batch of chocolate chip cookies while filling out this cookie scramble activity.

 May 16

Horseshoe Pitching – On this day, in 1914, the first ruling body of horseshoe pitching was discovered in Kansas City, Kansas. Horseshoe pitching is a very serious sport that involves tournaments across the country. Horseshoes are also a popular game to play at a picnic or when the weather is nice outside. Celebrate today with a game of horseshoes and this horse saddle activity.

May 17

National Pack Rat Day – A pack rat is someone that collects or holds on to items that are often not needed (old newspapers/magazines for a particular recipe). In other words a pack rat is a nice way to describe someone who is a hoarder. Celebrate today by picking one area that could use a bit of cleaning or tidying up and completing this name each member of the original “Rat Pack” activity.

May 18

Night Baseball Cancelled – In 1942, baseball games in New York were cancelled in order to abide by the Army-ordered “dimout” in which the Army had made a determination that the glow from New York City’s lights may possibly cause ships offshore to be easy targets for German submarines. Celebrate today with a game of baseball and this baseball equipment activity.

May 19

National Pizza Party Day – Pizza has become one of America’s favorite meals, it is easy to make and just about every family member loves it. There are many variations of pizza, such as: hand tossed, dip dish, thin crust, Chicago Style, etc. After deciding on a type of crust, there are hundreds of combinations that can be made with toppings of all kind. Celebrate today with a pizza party and this name 10 pizza toppings activity.

May 20

Amelia Earhart – On this day, in 1932, Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Aviation was a hot topic in the early 1900s not only to satisfy the daring adventurer but also as an alternate form of transportation to the train and automobile. Celebrate today with an aviation film or visit to the museum and complete this name that aviator activity.

May 21

Hurricane Preparedness Week Having a plan in place before a disaster strikes, such as: flooding, tornado, fire, or hurricane will ensure that everyone knows what to do in the moment of distress. Research what common natural disasters your area is prone to and create an emergency preparedness plan for each disaster. Celebrate today with an emergency drill and complete this name the severe weather activity.

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