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May Senior Activities Week One (Days 1-7)

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May 1

Mother Goose Day - Nursery rhymes are remembered throughout childhood, whether it is your own childhood or the childhood of a loved one. There are staples such as: Hey Diddle Diddle or Little Miss Muffet. Celebrate today with this complete the nursery rhyme activity. 

 May 2

Pontiac Grand Am Ceases - In 2005, the production of the Pontiac Grand Am ceased at the 100 year-old Lansing Assembly plant. Being able to drive around at your own free will becomes a part of your identity over time. Celebrate today with this state capital activity.

May 3

Bing Crosby Birthday - Crosby is widely known for his sultry voice and catchy tunes in songs like White Christmas and Silver Bells. He also performed in many popular films like Holiday Inn. Celebrate today with a favorite Bing Crosby movie and this complete the song title activity.

May 4

Summer Olympics - In 1924, the Summer Olympic Games began and is now known as the largest international participation of any sporting event to date. Winter Olympics were also introduced this year. Celebrate today with this name the Olympic Event activity.

May 5

National BBQ Month - Every summer must have a BBQ complete with kabobs, steaks, hamburgers, and more. Barbecuing can also signify the start of summer for many people. Celebrate today with a BBQ and this activity. 

May 6

National Train Day - Amtrak started this holiday to increase the general public's awareness of the history of trains and rail travel. Train stations were one of the first organizations to set a standard time, so as to not confuse customers with various time schedules. Amtrak officially discontinued this holiday after 2015, but who doesn't like trains? Celebrate today with a visit to the local train station and complete this train schedule activity.

May 7

DaimlerChrysler - In 1998, Daimler-Benz purchased the American automobile company Chrysler for an estimated $40 billion. The high price tag made this industrial merge the largest on record. Celebrate today with a car show and this fill in the blank automobile activity.

Chrysler Quote

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