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March Senior Activities Week Two (Days 8-14)

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March 8

National Pancake Day - Pancakes were a way to make use of rich foods such as eggs, butter, and milk before Ash Wednesday. IHOP or International House of Pancakes also celebrate this day by raising money for charity. Celebrate today by eating pancakes and completing this scrambled breakfast word activity.

March 9

National Crab Meat Day - Crab is one of the many crustaceans (lobster, shrimp, etc.) caught from the sea and enjoyed fresh daily. Crab can be served in many ways, such as: steamed, boiled, or stuffed. Celebrate today with a crab meat dip and this name the seafood activity.

March 10

National Paper Money Day - The world has traded goods and bartered for items for centuries; however, paper currency in America was not introduce until 1690. Soldiers were given paper bills and promised that they could be exchanged for coins. Celebrate today with dollar bill origami and this name the face on the dollar bill activity.

March 11

Great Blizzard of 1888 - Was one of the most severe blizzards recorded in the history of the United States. Snow fell up to 60 inches in some areas on the East coast (New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, etc.). Severe weather can be dangerous if you are not prepared for an emergency. Celebrate today by reviewing your emergency preparedness plan and completing this severe weather activity. 

March 12

National Girl Scouts Day - The year of 1917 was when the first known cookie sale by Girl Scouts occurred. Since then, cookie sales have increased every year and are now sold from coast to coast. Girl Scout cookies made it through the 1944 war shortages by substituting calendars and even traveled to outer space in 1992. Celebrate today with Girl Scout cookies and this name that cookie activity.

March 13

1884 U.S. Adopts Standard Time - Before clocks were invented, people kept track of time based on high noon. With the growing popularity of railroads, due to the ability to shrink travel time from months down to hours, there was a need for coordinating schedules so as to not confuse passengers. Railroads took the initiative to identify four separate time zones in November 1883. On March 13, 1884, the International Meridian Conference determined one prime meridian and standard time was adopted. Celebrate today by completing this time zone math activity.

March 14

Albert Einstein Birthday - Einstein is widely known by his legendary equation E=mc2. He won multiple Nobel Prizes and his son, Han Albert, eventually became a Professor of Engineering at the University of Berkeley. Celebrate today with this Albert Einstein Trivia activity.

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