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March Senior Activities Week Three (Days 15-21)

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March 15

National Buzzards Day - Many people have heard or partaken in festivities for Groundhog Day to determine if Spring was near. Buzzards Day means the same to Ohio residents who host many activities and special events to honor the start of Spring also known as the day Buzzards return. Celebrate today with this Buzzards Trivia activity.

March 16

Ford Produces its 50 Millionth Car - March 16, 1958, Ford automobile company produced its 50 Millionth car. Many things have changed since the first Ford automobile was released in 1903. Reminisce about the changing Fords over the years and complete this fill in the blank activity.

Buzzard Quote

March 17

Camp Fire Girls was Founded - Currently Camp Fire, the organization was originally founded by Luther and Charlotte Gulick in 1910 to guide young people on their journey to self-discovery. They also encourage community building, academic readiness and embracing diversity. Celebrate today by making s'mores and completing this camping fill in the blank activity.

March 18

National Corn Dog Day - Corn dogs brings back memories of the local circus coming to town competing in carnival games at the fair. Celebrate today by making your own corn dogs with pancake batter, hot dogs, and sticks while completing this fill in the blank activity about carnival/fair food.

March 19

National Poultry Day - The consumption of chicken increased during World War 2 due to its cheaper price, as well as, shortages of beef and pork. Poultry also includes other fowls and is defined as domestic birds that are raised for their eggs, feathers or meat. Celebrate today with chicken wings or dinner while you complete this name the turkey cut activity.

March 20

International Earth Day - Not to be confused with the U. S. Earth day on April 22, today was created to increase the awareness of responsibility when caring for our planet, whether it be environmental or natural resources. Celebrate today by trying a new dish from a different country and completing this name the continents activity.

March 21

National Puppetry Day - There are a few puppets that will forever remain famous, such as Lamb Chop, Elmo, and The Muppets. Puppetry is a form of art that has been around for centuries yet is still relevant to today. Celebrate today by watching a Muppet movie or show and complete this name that Muppet activity.

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