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March Senior Activities Week One (Days 1-7)

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March 1

National Pig Day -This holiday was started by sisters in 1972 and celebrated due to the pig being one of man's most domesticated and intellectual animal. Although typically recognized in the Midwest, celebrate today with a pig party and this famous pig naming game.

Yellowstone National Park - Was established the first National Park in the U.S. and signed into law in 1872 by President Ulysses S. Grant. The park contains rivers, lakes, canyons, and mountain ranges. Wear yellow and celebrate today with this National Park location activity.

National Horse Protection Day - Many people in the United States view horses as companion animals similar to having a cat or dog. However, many people don't know that some horses are killed for human consumption and this day was created to help spread awareness about how or what can be done to protect horses from being slaughtered. Celebrate today with this horse trivia activity.

March 2

Dr. Seuss Day -Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop,  or How the Grinch Stole Christmas are a few of the many favorite children's books written by the infamous Dr. Seuss. He captivated many with his poetry and wacky animations. Celebrate today with this complete the book title activity.

March 3

National Anthem -The Star-Spangled Banner is the National Anthem of the United States and is typically played at the beginning of public sports (NFL, MLB, etc.) and other events, including orchestral concerts. Many performers prefer to pre-record or play the song instrumentally due to its varied difficulty in notes and words. Celebrate today by completing this National Anthem fill in the blank activity.

Dr. Seuss Quote

March 4

National Grammar Day - Grammar plays a major part in completely understanding any language. For example, the use of a comma in the following sentence could save a life. Let's eat grandpa or Let's eat, grandpa. Celebrate today with this activity of commonly misused words.

March 5

Stapler Patent - The stapler joined the line up of other office and classroom equipment on this day in 1868 in England by C.H. Gould. It is used to attach papers together using a thin metal strip. Celebrate today with this list of items that can be commonly found in an office or classroom.

March 6

National Dentist Day - Oral health is just as important as physical or emotional health. Toothaches that persist may cause headaches, bad breath, fever, or gum disease. Celebrate today with this fill in the blank activity based on the theme Dentists.

National Oreo Cookie Day - The first "Oreo" was produced in 1912 and patented in the same year. Since its creation, many additional, wacky flavors have been created, such as: fried chicken, gingerbread and candy corn. Celebrate today with an Oreo taste test while completing this fun Oreo activity.

March 7

National Cereal Day- Wheaties and Kix were some of the first breakfast cereals on the market in the 1930s whose advertisements were targeted at children. There are hot cereals as well, such as: Cream of Wheat or Grits. Celebrate today with cereal samples while completing this name that cereal activity.

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