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Left, Right, Center

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Left, Right, Center

Domains: Social 

Category: Games & Activities, Men Activities, Family Engagement

PDF File Size: 1 MB | 9 pages

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Here are a few ways Left, Right, Center can be used:

  • Introduction Activity
  • Competitions
  • Team Building
  • Intergenerational Activity 
  • Ice Breaker
  • Independent Activity 
  • Large/Small Groups 
  • Family/Friend Activity

These Left, Right, Center, and Keep cards were created to be used with participants who have low vision and/or poor motor skills with the dice game of the same name. You can now include those individuals who would otherwise not be able to play.

How to Play: Players take turns rolling the dice and follow the instructions of whether to pass a chip to the Left, Right, Center, or to Keep them. You can choose to modify the game so as to accommodate all players.

There are (4) cards: Left, Right, Center, and Keep. There are also (2) formats: White/Black and Colored. You can print the White/Black cards on plain paper or on brightly colored paper or you can print the colored cards on plain paper if you so choose. The added color may assist those with poor vision or lack of ability to read. 

Print the cards on card stock and laminate for longer durability.

Please Note: Color will vary based on ink and printer quality.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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