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June Senior Activities Week One (Days 1-7)

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June 1

Kentucky and Tennessee Admission – On this day, in 1792 and 1796 respectively, Kentucky and Tennessee were admitted as the 15th and 16th states. Kentucky is known for its popular Kentucky Derby event (The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports) that is hosted annually in Louisville, Kentucky where people gather from near and far with Sunday worthy hats. Nashville, Tennessee is well known for its country music and entertainment recognized by many around the world. Celebrate today with a Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner while listening to your favorite country music and complete this state activity.

June 2

National Rocky Road Day - The most popular way to enjoy Rocky Road in the United States is in ice cream. The main ingredients are nuts, marshmallows, and chocolate, but it can also be made with raisins, chocolate chips, or vanilla ice cream. This treat was given the name “Rocky Road” shortly after the market crash of 1929 to lift the spirits of those who were affected. Celebrate today with your favorite Rocky Road ice cream and complete this name 10 types of ice cream activity.

June 3

National Aquarium Month – The aquarium holds many creatures and ocean life that we may not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience from the deep blue. There are still depths of the deep blue sea that are not known to men, therefore there are many creatures that may not yet be known. Celebrate today with a trip to the aquarium or beach and complete this aquarium activity.

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June 4

National Cheese Day – Temperature and aging affect the flavor and texture of cheese. Cheese is produced from the pressed curds of milk, in which the milk can come from a sheep, goat, cow, or buffalo. Cheese is a perfect addition to many dishes, but also as a snack. How many dishes can you name that include cheese? For example, sandwich, pizza, macaroni and cheese. Celebrate today with a cheese and wine tasting while completing this name 10 types of cheese activity.

June 5

Bananas are Introduced – Bananas were not native to the land of the United States, however war is thought to have been the vessel that helped to spread them to the States. Samuel Zemurray created a living by selling bananas that had ripened while in transport, which were usually discarded as waste. The banana was introduced at the Philadelphia World Fair in 1876 as a delicacy that was eaten with a knife and fork. Celebrate today with a reading about the life of Samuel Zemurray, eat a banana, and complete this unscramble the fruit activity.

June 6

National Drive-In Movie Day – Richard M. Hollingshead Jr is credited with creating the drive-in theater in 1933. He first tested the idea in his drive way by positioning a projector on the hood of his vehicle and projected the movie onto a sheet attached to a tree in the yard. The invention of the colored television, videos and the adoption of daylight savings time resulted in the decline of the popularity of the drive-in movie. Celebrate today with a drive-in movie on the lawn and complete this name the popular 1960s movie star activity.

June 7

Mount McKinley – On this day, in 1913, an Alaskan missionary by the name of Hudson Stuck, lead the first successful ascent of Mt. McKinley. He traveled with three companions, in which they were plagued with challenges through difficult weather and a fire that destroyed their supplies and food. What started as the Mount McKinley National Park in 1917 eventually became the Denali National Park and Preserve in 1980. Celebrate today by reminiscing about National Parks that were visited in the past and complete this name 10 mountains activity.

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