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Horse Racing

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Horse Racing

Domains: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative

Category: Games & Activities, Family Engagement, Dementia/Memory Loss, Men's Activities

PDF File Size: 1.31MB | 18 pages 

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Horse Racing includes:

  • How to play
  • Picking a theme
  • Four different ways to take bets
  • Coordinating a celebration party
  • How to apply racing with different pieces - Circus Animals/Dogs
  • How to use racing as a part of a fundraiser or ice breaker for employees or volunteers luncheons
  • Includes sample horse pieces for racing and game board for playing on a tabletop
  • Included Forms - Individual/Group Betting Slips, Betting Pool Form

Horse racing has been around for centuries; in fact the first racetrack was built on Long Island in 1665 and is currently the oldest Thoroughbred race in North America. Not only does horse racing make for a great pastime, but it is genuinely fun to watch and participate. Another appealing point is that people of all functionalities (low, medium, high) can enjoy the races as well.

Some variations are great for playing with the old and the young at heart. This activity could easily be played with children while helping to bridge the intergenerational gap. Using stations to play a day at the races can prove to be exhilarating, because anyone can play. Friends and family can play with their loved ones when visiting, just like any other board game (Candy Land, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders).

BINGO is a game that anyone can play and everyone loves, but what can you play when calling another number is not something you are looking forward to? Horse Racing is the answer. Some even say that it is better than BINGO! The excitement of winning, playing, and sharing good times makes horse racing the go to game for anyone, men and women.

When you are in a crunch or are short on time, horse racing is the perfect substitute activity. Volunteers and staff from any department can run the races. If you need activities for the evenings, weekends, or any time you will be absent, this is the activity that you absolutely must have in your go-to resources.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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