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Decorations & Keepsakes


These "Punch Cards" can be used in so many ways. Are you looking for a new bingo prize? Well punch cards are perfect for prizes. Each bingo player will receive a punch card, each time they win, they receive one punch on their card. Once they win a set amount of times (5, 10, 12), their card is then dropped into a raffle for a prize. This will decrease the amount of prizes given out, but also gives the opportunity to give out prizes that are of more quality or value. 

Punch cards can also be used to increase staff motivation and morale. They can be used to recognize when a staff member brings a participant to an activity on time, when the staff member shows up to work on time, or the staff may receive a punch for each day they show up to work and do not call in for a designated week or pay period. At the end of the set period, any staff that has achieved the set amount of punches (5, 10,12), will have their punch card entered into a raffle for a prize. 

Many activities can be adapted to be used with individuals who have a mild to moderate form of dementia, as well as, those who may be deaf, blind, or mute. In fact, punch cards can be used by visiting family and friends to record each time they come in to visit a loved one. Many times, individuals who struggle with some form of memory loss, may lose track of when they are visited. These punch cards can be punched to give the individual a visual of how many times a week, month, etc. they have received a visit.

Offering personalized "Superlative Awards" not only gives incentive but also raises morale among staff and residents. Since there are 100 awards included in this power pack, there are enough awards that every person should be able to receive at least one. There are even awards for the most challenging individuals. When an award is given, it not only touches that person, but it may mean a lot to the family as well.

This is the perfect gift/keepsake/decoration for anyone who reached this milestone age. These signs are a HIT at parties!

For the "Things We Love About You" posters (downloadable PDF set to 18" x 24") just print and display. Offer Sharpie markers in the color that best fits your overall theme (gold, blue, coral, etc.) so that guests can fill in each bubble. Loved ones can fill the bubbles with words that describe the birthday person, such as: courageous, nice, caring, sweet, great listener, teacher, etc.

Once the poster is complete, frame it and use as wall art or any other creative way you would like. You can send it to a print shop like Staples, Costco, Walgreens, or Fedex Office to have it printed as needed.

These re-purposed Men's Neckties "Tie-Turned-Roses"  are perfect if you are looking for inexpensive gift ideas for friends, family members, clients, residents, volunteers, or employees. There are a variety of colors and sizes that would fit any occasion.

They can be used as a corsage/brooch gift for Mother's/Father's Day, Volunteer/Employee Appreciation, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or even Just Because. They can also be used as decorations for jackets, sweaters, pillows, bags, table centerpieces, headbands, or even pet collars.

Just attach a pin of your choice (straight pin, safety pin, brooch pin) onto the surface of your preference.

Browse our selection below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

These "Years Ago In" posters (downloadable PDF set to 8.5" x 11"), available in the same theme (chalkboard/black/white) for the year the birthday person was born, great for table decorations (i.e. centerpieces, candy/gift table, or set up in the entrance for a great conversation starter). Just print and display. You can use frames that match each persons preference or party theme for a personal touch.

*Please note - This is a digital download only. Nothing will be shipped to you.

Thematic Living Designs may be printed and used for personal use and printed as many times as you would like, but not distributed for resale or commercial use.

The quality of printed files will also be a result of the quality, settings, and ink levels of your printer (if you choose to print the product yourself).

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime!

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