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Cheesecake Walk

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Cheesecake Walk

Domains: Social, Physical

Category: Games & Activities, Intergenerational, Holidays, Seasons, & Themes

PDF File Size: 5.5MB | 28 pages

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Below are a few ways Cheesecake Walk can be used:

  • Intergenerational activity 
  • Fundraiser
  • Celebrations – Birthday/Fair/Block Party
  • Ice Breaker/Competitions
  • Large/Small Groups
  • Family/Friend activity

Cheesecake Walk includes:

  • Instruction guide for using this resource
  • 25 Real Cheesecake Photos
  • Number Sheet - 1-25

Who doesn’t like a good cheesecake? Use this modified way to host a Cheesecake Walk for participants who may have low mobility or if you just want to mix things up. You can host a Cheesecake Walk for many different celebrations, including: Birthdays, Carnivals, Parties, Family Night, Fundraisers, Holidays and more.

Cheesecake Walk includes 25 different photos of real cheesecakes. Just print, laminate, play music, and start the fun. Also, included is a page of numbers 1-25 to use when playing the game, up to 25 people can play at once. For best results, print on cardstock and laminate. Add challenge to the game and require participants to answer a trivia question correct before awarding a winner or a prize.

How to play: Arrange participants in a circle, give each participant a “Cheesecake”, choose what kind of music you will play during the game, play the music for 30-60 seconds while participants pass the photos around the circle, stop playing the music, pull a number between 1-25 at random, say the number, whoever is holding the same cheesecake that matches the number pulled wins that round. You can play just for fun or for a prize. You can choose to replace the number or set it to the side.

 Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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