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Check In: How Are You Doing?

Overall Mood, Eat/Water, Exercise, Sleep, Mindfulness - Check In (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and share how you are doing. What is going well and what is not?

Sometimes we all just need a moment to slow down and take note of how we are doing. We live busy lives and feel like we are always - going, going, going. Take a moment to check in and share how you are doing in 5 main categories:

Overall Mood - Are you functioning in a fog or with clear focus?
Eat/Water - Are you making healthy eating choices and staying hydrated?
Exercise - Are you staying physically active for 30 minutes, 3x per week?
Sleep - Are you getting enough sleep and waking up feeling rested?
Mindfulness - Are you being mindful of your triggers and using self-regulation?

Check in as much or as little as you would like (daily, weekly, monthly). Review the 5 categories and give yourself one star for each category you are doing well in. If there is a category that you feel needs improvement, take away one star.

For example, this week I made healthy eating choices, drank 8 cups of water/day, I went to sleep late a few nights, but still performed well as far as mood. My daily walk did help to relieve some stress this week. I need to work on being more mindful-someone cut me off on the freeway Tuesday morning and as I pulled into the parking lot of my destination, I could tell I was still upset about what happened 20 minutes earlier. So this week I would rate my check in at 4 stars.

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