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Bully Free Zone

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Bully Free Zone

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Bullying is a growing problem in many different environments, including at school, work, and is steadily increasing in the Senior home environment as well. No one should be treated less than a person, no matter their condition, abilities, or actions. Bullying can be shown in many different forms, such as: physical, verbal, emotional, etc. 

Use these posters to remind individuals that they are in a Bully Free Zone and that there is a no tolerance policy for any and all bullying. 

This resource includes (7) posters in (7) different languages – English, Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Hindi. 

Also included is a “Bullying Incident Form” to record when an act of bullying has occurred. The form includes areas for when it happened (Date/Time of Day), where, who was all involved, what happened, and a comment area for noting any other information that occurred during the incident. The form includes an area to write the person’s name who is doing the bullying as well.

Each card contains large print so that the words are easy to read. Just print on card stock, laminate, and post in the desired area of the building, inside or outside. Have a discussion about what individuals feel is a form of bullying or what they believe should happen to a person who is bullying others.

Let participants know that they can report bullying to you and do not have to worry about receiving backlash or reprimand for speaking up.

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