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Build: Self-Discipline

What is Your Why?

  • Identifying why you want to do something impacts what you do to achieve it

  • Act first. Feel later. Start before you are ready.

  • Don't wait until you feel like going to the gym to go

  • Act how you want to feel. Change your thoughts.

  • Feelings/motivation follow action

  • Humans are creatures of habit - Change your habits

  • Awareness, Change, Growth, Repeat

  • Some progress is better than no progress

  • Focus on marginal/incremental growth

  • Start with easy habits to change first - Make bed everyday before leaving in the morning

  • Exercise, Meditate, Eat Healthy, Get Enough Sleep, Journal Writing

  • Define what you want; What changes need to be made

  • Identify possible obstacles - Junk food in the house

  • Remove temptations - Do not buy junk food

  • Manage your time and accept responsibility

  • The perfect moment is right now

  • Do what you can today

  • Starting and maintaining are the hardest parts

  • Just Do It

  • Motivation is not enough, discipline is key

  • Set a goal and create a system to reach the goal

  • Break each task down into smaller manageable tasks

  • You must first BE before you can BECOME

  • Write your goals down - Make a to do list

  • Schedule your tasks, they will become habits

  • Time continues - Don't consider it an option

  • You have to save today, to spend tomorrow

  • Self-Love - Think about your future self

  • Will your future self be happy with your decisions today?

  • Don't judge yourself too harshly

  • Shame creates stress and anxiety

  • Just make the self-correction and keep it moving

  • Make it easy - I will read 30 minutes everyday before dinner; I will do 10 squats each time I go to the restroom; I will not spend more than $20 per month on junk food; I will not miss more than 3 days per week of working out

  • Mind over matter - Reward yourself

Download Self-Discipline - Resilience Scenario Cards Here

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