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Build: Dealing with Failure

How Do You Deal with Failure?

  • Forgive yourself - You can't change the past or change overnight

  • Learn to forgive others

  • Identify your triggers and why you felt that way

  • Forgiveness is giving up all hope for a better past

  • Anger results from violated unrealistic expectations

  • Failures teach you things for future success

  • Success = Immediate gratification

  • Would not know how to be successful without failure

  • Let your emotions "feel" until they calm down

  • Face your problems - Analyze what can be done differently next time

  • Do not lie to yourself by over working or studying in school

  • Start small with meditation - increase caring for your body and mind

  • Sometimes you have no choice - Time does not stop because you are upset

  • Let failure fuel your fire

  • Each fail is one step closer to success

  • Keep your head down and hustle your way out of failure

  • Failure is the result of your efforts

  • You are where you are by the choices you made

  • Learn the lesson and do better next time

  • Failure separates winners from losers

  • Don't be afraid to fail

  • Time will pass by anyway - Don't quit; Keep trying

  • Ignore fear and doubt

  • A goal without a plan is just a wish

  • Some lessons are harder to learn than others

  • Look at what it cost you not what was wasted

  • Be vocal about your needs - Ask for help

  • You can fail and not be a failure

Download Dealing with Failure - Resilience Scenario Cards Here

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