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What Are You Reading?

I have loved books since I was young. My mom would take us to the library to pick any book (or VHS) we wanted. I enjoyed the quietness and massiveness of the building that held so many books, stories, and dreams. I could escape into any world I wanted to. As an adult, I am an avid reader and self-diagnosed bookworm.

I came across a quote that read "Life is a game. Books are the tokens." In so many ways, I believe that it rings true. You are able to experience books through many perspectives of the author, then apply what you read to your current mental model and views. Basically, opening your mind to the possibility of thinking differently, changing your perspective, and learning new things.

Previously, I would purchase books from the Half Price Bookstore to read, until I discovered audiobooks. The best thing a bibliophile could ever discover. So now, using my free library card, I borrow and read up to 2-3 books per week across many genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

Join the 2020 Book Bingo Challenge and read more books this year.

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