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April Senior Activities Week Two (Days 8-14)

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April 8

National Zoo Lovers Day - Zoos have been open to the public since as early as 1765. You can expect to see all of your favorite animals and sometimes reptiles, while visiting the zoo. Celebrate today by visiting the zoo and completing this name 10 animals activity.

April 9

Alaska is Purchased by One Vote - In 1867, the U.S. Senate ratified the treaty with Russia that purchased the Territory of Alaska by one vote. Alaska is known for its snow covered scenery and fishing industries. Celebrate today with a fresh cooked salmon and complete this Alaska Trivia activity to test how much you know about the 49th state to the Union. 

April 10

National Farm Animals Day - Today was created to increase awareness about farm animals that are raised for slaughter. These animals can be used to provide milk, eggs, and sow crops as well. Celebrate today by visiting a local farm and completing this farm animal activity.

April 11

Around the World in 150 Days - In 1986, Dodge Morgan sailed nonstop, solo around the world in 150 days. Did you know that the oceans hold about 97% of all Earth's water? Celebrate today by staying hydrated and completing this name each ocean activity.

April 12

First Catcher's Mask is Worn - James Alexander Tyng was the first person to wear a catcher's mask during a professional baseball game in 1877. Before the evolution of the catcher's equipment, the catcher routinely received black eyes and lost many teeth due to not being properly protected. Celebrate today with a game of baseball and this catcher's equipment trivia activity.

April 13

National Scrabble Day - Today is observed to honor, Alfred Mosher Butts, the creator of the game Scrabble. He invented the game in 1933, but its original name was Lexiko and then Criss-Cross Words. Since then, the game has become a television show (1984) and there are championships offered each year for all ages. Celebrate today with a game of scrabble and this Criss-Cross word puzzle (played similar to boggle).

April 14

John Steinbeck - In 1939, Steinbeck published his novel "The Grapes of Wrath". After six years of sporadically attending Stanford, he set out for other dreams and never received his degree. He has written 27 books, most of which are recognizable by name. Celebrate today with a book or film of John Steinbeck's work and this complete the book title activity.

John Steinbeck Quote

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