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April Senior Activities Week One (Days 1-7)

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April 1

National Inventors Month - There is a saying that goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention". For example, the washing machine, air conditioner, and the microwave oven are all inventions by someone who realized that there was more than one way to do things. Celebrate today by discussing what inventions have made your life easier and completing this name the invention activity.

April 2

International Children's Book Day - Today was created in 1967 to inspire a love for reading in children. Reading allows you to travel to places near and far, experience every emotion between happy and sad, as well as, meet new people from all over the world without even leaving your seat. Celebrate today with this complete the Dr. Seuss book title activity.

April 3

Find a Rainbow Day - The month of April is known for its showers and you can usually catch a quick glimpse of a rainbow after a rain shower. Celebrate today by eating colorful food to represent each color of the rainbow and complete this Wizard of Oz name that character trivia activity.

April 4

Orleans Territory Joins the U.S.  - On this day, in 1812, the area soon to be recognized as Louisiana, joined the other 17 states of the United States. Louisiana is known for its Cajun food, such as: gumbo, jambalaya, and beignet desserts. Celebrate today with a beignet coated in powdered sugar and complete this identify the state activity.

Rainbow Quote

April 5

National Read a Road Map Day - With the popularity of automobiles increasing at the turn of the 20th century, the need for road maps also increased. Today was created to encourage reading an actual paper map without the use of GPS or technology. Celebrate today by taking a short road trip with an actual paper road map and complete this road map activity.

April 6

Modern Olympic Games Began - In 1896, the Summer Olympic Games began and is now known as the largest international participation of any sporting event to date. Winter Olympics were not introduce until 1924. Celebrate today with this name the Olympic Event activity.

April 7

National Garden Month - In preparation of April showers bringing May flowers, this month is a great month to use your green thumb to plant flowers, fruit, or vegetables. Cooking with fresh herbs that were grown by your own hands gives the dish a dash of something extra. Celebrate today by visiting a garden or starting your own and completing this name 10 items activity.

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