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April Senior Activities Week Four (Days 22-30)

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April 22

National Earth Day - This day was established to raise awareness about the environment (water, land, air) that we all live in and how together, we can make it a cleaner place. For example, one year the focus for this day was on how to eliminate food waste, which has an effect on all living, breathing animals and humans. Celebrate today by completing this Earth Day activity.

April 23

National Talk Like Shakespeare Day - This day celebrates William Shakespeare for the many plays he produced and are still widely known for today. Celebrate today with your favorite play and this complete the Shakespeare play title activity.

April 24

National Princess Week - Naturally, Disney is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "Princess", what with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White being long lasting staples. Celebrate today with a tea party and this tea trivia activity.

Shakespeare Quote

April 25

First Seeing Eye Dog Used - Morris Frank was the first person to utilize a dog due to not being able to see. In 1928, this was unheard of, but Mr. Frank and Buddy (dog's name) made believers out of many speculators. Celebrate today with a visit to the local shelter or pet store and this name the German breed activity.

April 26

National Richter Scale Day - You can typically feel the difference between an earthquake that makes the pictures on the wall sway and when it can bring a whole house or community to the ground. The magnitude of many earthquakes are measured with the Richter Scale, which was first used in 1935 by Charles Richter. Celebrate today by enjoying the weather and completing this severe weather activity.

April 27

Pampers were Patented - In 1965, mothers rejoiced when R.C. Duncan presented his invention of disposable diapers. Surely, laundry was cut in half now that every soiled cloth diaper did not have to be washed before it could be worn again. Celebrate today with this scramble word activity.

April 28

National Superhero Day - A superhero could be a fearless hero from a comic book or a real life person who proved to be fearless in the face of life's ups and downs. Celebrate today with your favorite comic book or movie and this guess who superhero activity.

April 29

Maryland Decided Not to Secede - Being a part of the change that is America, on this day in 1861, the Maryland House of Delegates voted against leaving the Union. Celebrate today with this Maryland trivia activity.

April 30

Louisiana Becomes 18th State - It took time and money to grow to the glorious fifty states that America currently includes. In 1803, the U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million dollars and on April 30th of 1812, Louisiana was admitted as the 18th U. S. state. Celebrate today with an original Louisiana dish (Alligator gumbo or Cajun catfish, etc.) and complete this circle each state activity.

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