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Appointment Cards

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Appointment Cards

Digital Download  $5.99


PDF File Size: 2.7MB | 10 pages  | 80 cards

PDF (Adobe) - Before purchasing and/or downloading, be sure that you have an application to open this file type.

Appointment Cards can be used as reminders for:

Hair/Salon Appointments
Doctor/Therapist Appointments
Additional Appointments

Appointment Cards are a simple, memorable way to remind people of appointments, such as: for the hair salon or barber shop. Appointment cards can also remind patients of their next appointment time with a doctor or therapist. Having the ability to print as many cards as you need at the tip of your fingertips will not only save you time, but digital files last a lifetime, so you will have them forever.

There are 10 unique designs included in this resource. There is a design for everyone, having a variety of Appointment Cards allows you to offer a tangible reminder and cut down on missed appointments.

The format includes 8 cards per page, this allows you to have the ability to print many cards at one time. Each card includes a space to write in the person’s name, as well as, the date and time of the next appointment. Each card is blank on the back side if you need to add notes or details about the next appointment.

Please Note: Color will vary based on ink and printer quality.

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