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Activities Using Sticks

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Activities Using Sticks

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Here are a few ways the stick (tongue depressors) activity can be used:

Activity Management
Behavior Management
Special Acts
Daily Living Activities

Print out the template for the subject you would like to use for the activity or theme of your choice. You will need to glue (mod podge or any glue of your choice) each topic onto its own stick, you may choose to use plain or colored tongue depressors. You may wish to print the template on an address label instead so that you would not need to glue each topic. There are 18 subjects/topics on each template page – you can choose what activity you would like to use each batch for, whether it is to complete responsibilities around the home or to pick an outing for the week.

You may wish to keep the sticks in one container labeled “to do” or something fun such as “ oh the places we will go” and keep an additional container labeled “done” or “complete” in order to place each stick once the activity has been completed. You can choose to give a reward once all sticks have been completed as an incentive if you wish. Make sure to ask what prize or reward your participant would like to receive in order to gather valuable suggestions and opinions. Keep in mind the prize does not need to be material, it can be something as simple as spending more time with the pet or a trip to the local library/park.

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