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ACEs Healing: Wellness Management 

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Healing is a Journey, not a Destination

A journey is the act of traveling from one place to another, while a destination is a place to which someone is journeying to. Healing is a journey because you are always adjusting for what you need once you receive that you can either journey to the next thing or discover how to be greater where you are. A destination means that you have arrived and there is nothing more for you to do, healing is something that can be explored for a lifetime. Never stop being great or believing that you can be or do better.

Just because you have healed from the past, does not mean life stops. Life will always have its obstacles, you are just better equipped to handle whatever they are, as they come. Now, when you become upset, you have a tool for that. When you need to set a goal and delay gratification, you have a tool for that as well.  

Congratulate yourself for achieving each goal and then set a new one. Explore different interest, travel to new places, see things you’ve always wanted to see, read things you are curious about, find new ways to exercise your body, take care of your skin, and nourish your spirit.

Manage your wellness by coming back to:

  • Build your resilience by taking an e-course for Self-Development
  • Check in with an update of your overall health for your Body
  • Discuss bible scriptures and sermons for your Spirit
  • Read and discuss books; Join the book club for your Mind

Build: Resilience

After completing the basic action plan, discover new skills you want to learn and take an e-course for your Self-Development by clicking here or the “Build: Resilience” tab on the navigation menu. If there is a resilience skill or category you are interested in learning that is not listed, fill out the contact form to “Request a Resilience Course”.

Categories include:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Finance
  • Parenting
  • Work
  • School
  • And more...

Topics include:

  • How to Ask for Help
  • How to Make Thoughtful Choices
  • How to Set Clear Expectations and Boundaries 
  • How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills
  • How to Practice Self-Discipline
  • How to Show Appreciation
  • And more...

Jump start your resilience building by joining the newsletter to receive your free “30-Day Resilience Challenge Printout”. Just download and color in the box once you have completed each resilience skill.

30 Day Resilience Challenge

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Check In: Take 5

Sometimes we all just need a moment to slow down and take note of how we are doing. We live busy lives and feel like we are always - going, going, going. Take a moment to check in and share how you are doing in 5 main categories:

  1. Overall Mood - Are you functioning in a fog or with clear focus?
  2. Eat/Water - Are you making healthy eating choices and staying hydrated?
  3. Exercise - Are you staying physically active for 30 minutes, 3x per week?
  4. Sleep - Are you getting enough sleep and waking up feeling rested?
  5. Mindfulness - Are you being mindful of your triggers and using self-regulation?

Check in here as much or as little as you would like (daily, weekly, monthly). Review the 5 categories and give yourself one star for each category you are doing well in. If there is a category that you feel needs improvement, take away one star.

For example, this week I made healthy eating choices, drank 8 cups of water/day, I went to sleep late a few nights, but still performed well as far as mood.

Check In: Take 5

My daily walk did help to relieve some stress this week. I need to work on being more mindful-someone cut me off on the freeway Tuesday morning and as I pulled into the parking lot of my destination, I could tell I was still upset about what happened 20 minutes earlier. So, this week I would rate my check in at 4 stars.

Discuss: Sermons

Discuss: Sermons

Nourish your spirit here through bible study, listening to sermons, meditating, prayer, fellowship, or community service.

In this section, a sermon is reviewed, discussion questions are created, and a link to my bible study/sermon notes is provided so that you can download and follow along if you wish.  

Read: Book Club

Join the book club here where you can contribute to a current discussion or join the challenge to read as many books as you can in a one year time period.

Feed your mind and interests by committing to read more books this year.

Read: Book Club

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Get your copy of Adverse Childhood Experiences - Healing Journey Workbook -

A Self-Reflection Based Action Plan to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Adverse Childhood Experiences - Healing Journey Workbook - A Self-Reflection Based Action Plan to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit - Digital Download
Adverse Childhood Experiences - Healing Journey Workbook - A Self-Reflection Based Action Plan to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit - Spiral-Bound Hard Copy